Is the Clock Winding Down for Your God-Sized Dream?



I’m excited to contribute over on God-Sized Dreams – follow the link and then follow your dream!

With His grace,


A Dream Realized


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  1. WOW Lorraine! You may have been eavesdropping on my prayers this morning!

    I love how God hears our heart, shows up, and speaks through others. Your message was so good to prepare me for the positive and the not so positive feedback! Words I’ll save and cherish as I prepare to “jump in”

    Thank you for encouraging me to get started. And that is my biggest question, the one that looms over my thoughts right now…. “Where do I start?”

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    • Hi Leianne!
      The beautiful reality is that the one who knows your prayers before you ever speak them goes before. He tells me what to write – he orchestrated it all!

      Begin at the beginning, friend. Get some help if you must to get your blog page up and then just write as he speaks.

      And let me know when it’s there…I’d love to read your posts!

      By his grace, Lorraine


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