Am I Invisible?



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Sitting around a table with a group of friends, you realize everyone is engaged in conversation…except you.

You sent a text and that friend didn’t respond. Again.

Your husband changed the channel on the television without asking. The same thing happened in the car just last weekend with the radio station.

The group of working moms is discussing marketing strategies; the only marketing on your agenda is preparing a grocery list and your strategy is to go there without a toddler in tow. You suddenly feel that their lives hold more significance.

That Facebook messenger group is so much fun; that is, until you post a funny meme or share your current frustration and not one person responds.

Your teenager thinks everyone else’s advice is golden but refuses to heed your wise counsel.

At family gatherings, all of the hype is centered on your older sister; she’s the “accomplished” one. It feels like no one has any interest in your progress.

Your husband or child has a chronic illness. You embrace your role with great love, but your needs always seem overshadowed by theirs.


Your toddler declares “I have poop” to no one in particular and you swoop in to change her – she barely notices as she intently watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

People seem to look right through you; it’s as if you are invisible.

This struggle is real and I suppose I’m not the only woman on the planet who wonders if anyone really sees or hears, much less appreciates me. I’ve been walking  through a crisis of sorts. Writing opens lots of opportunity for insecurity especially for a melancholy phlegmatic striving to optimistically overcome perfectionism. I doubt most everything I do and the slightest of slights has recently put me in a spin. I could barely stand myself; other people were intolerable.

What if no one sees what I do? Worse, what if no one sees me?

Recently I read that many of the craftsman and artisans who built the great European cathedrals didn’t live to see them completed. They never knew the satisfaction of seeing it all come together. The craftsmen were more than skilled laborers performing a job in exchange for a livelihood. They viewed their work as service, even worship, to God. Many of them intentionally hid some of their best work within walls, fully intending it for HIM alone.


They weren’t afraid their work wouldn’t be seen; they knew the one who truly matters did see it.


He sees. The Gospels remind me that he knows if a sparrow falls. The psalmist declares:
 “You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn through sleepless nights,
each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.” (Psalm 56:8, The Message)

The challenge is clear. How can I move from feeling invisible to doing everything with the intention of being invisible?

What if I view everyday tasks and interactions from a new perspective?  What if I choose to “hide” my best, most beautiful acts of service for His eyes alone?


Like those medieval craftsmen, we see some incremental results but we will never view (at least not this side of heaven) the completion of our labor. How satisfying to approach each day with a heart to serve Him by serving our families, friends and even coworkers.

Each quiet intentional act is the equivalent of carving a beautiful bird into a stone, then covering it with a wall, knowing that he sees, and being satisfied.

“…your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”  – Matthew 6:18b

You are not invisible, dear sister. He sees and knows; read his words to us so you remember.  You are a treasure!

“Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord.” – Psalm 45:11

By his grace alone,



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  1. One of my favorite posts of yours, Lorraine. So much wisdom. That whole list of did-unseen is so familiar to me. You’re not the only one. Thank you fro this reminder and your example of seeing God work in you even when it feels like nothing is happening because no one sees. He loves the secrets you have with Him, the stuff you do just for Him, and He sees it all joyfully! Thanks for being you and being honest!

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    • Thanks! Some of those listed were very personal to me; I also polled a special group of young moms and they shared times when they feel invisible. My heart was so moved by their honestly. He sees us!


  2. Thanks so much Lorraine for posting this. I’ve felt this way a number of times & have wondered what it may mean. Having a tendency to overthink, I try to be patient and wait for an answer or until I ‘re-appear’ to everyone again. This really helps to put those feelings into perspective. Thanks again!

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  3. This is exactly how I feel sometimes.But being reminded that one person always cares and that I should be doing things for his glory and not mine was the exact reminder I needed. Thank you

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